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How do Architects and Building Contractors Benefit when they work with Interior Designers?

January 25, 2018

Angela Connolly will be speaking at the 2018 ArchiteX-FitOutX. View the full programme.


Experienced Interior Designers make the interior spaces safe, aesthetically pleasing and functional. In my experience the primary benefit to architects and builders is having a professional Interior Designer who ensures all the decisions are made in advance. Members of the Interiors Association are professional, accredited designers, trained and experienced in their field.

Client’s Requirements are Clear – We do the Hard Work for You

As we work from initial consultation through to the end of the project with a client, when we engage the architects and builders the design and project plan is complete. We’ve already delivered and discussed samples, textures and finishes with the client – this means the client is unlikely to change anything once the works start.

Detailed Project Plan Matching Clients’ Preferences

By the time the building work commences we’ve already considered and agreed on clients’:

  • Space Requirements and Layout

  • Interior Finishes – tiles, flooring

  • Electrical and Lighting plans

  • Kitchen and Bathroom design

  • Colour preferences

  • Window treatments

  • Budgets and contingency

No Delays – We Know Time is Money

As we put in the time getting to know our clients, this means there are very few delays or hiccups during the project. As we are working with you on site, we troubleshoot any possible delays, so you can get in and out, and get the project completed.

You have a Mediator 

All Interior Designers are mediators between the client and builder. If there is a problem on site, or you discover something unexpected, you don’t have to explain additional costs or modifications with the client. You can deal directly with us and we can find a cost-effective solution together.

Saves Money for Everyone

From experience everyone saves money. The client’s choices and preferences are translated into workable detailed designs. This means trades can provide proper quotes, covering all likely scenarios.

The project is completed on time, within budget to satisfied clients.

The Obvious Question – Why Not?


Angela Connolly
President, The Interiors Association
Director, Conbu Inteiror Design
086 826 9995

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