Please see below testimonials from leading industry figures who attend Business River's long-standing design, build and fit out events in Ireland, including Fit Out Conference, Fit Out Awards, Building and Architect of the Year Awards, and Irish Construction Industry Awards.

Fit Out Conference

“It is so hard for me to ring doorbells and ring phones to get in front of people like this. I’d recommend it highly, an event like this is priceless!”
-Eamon Reilly – Business Development Manager, Electro Automation Ltd.

“We’re always looking to meet new project managers and architects because that is kind of just our target market. We gained three new clients from this (event) last year. If you are looking to expand your business, this is the place to do it.”
-Stuart Jameson – Health and Safety Consultant, Fiontar Safety Management

“I think the conference is very, very good in terms of bringing in the best of international thinking. I think that it is a good opportunity to network because at the end of the day ideas only become reality through people who are prepared to execute them.”
-Ross Mac Mahon – Managing Director, Bailey Hygiene

Fit Out Awards

“It’s the best opportunity of the year to get your brand and your company in front of the right people: For sure, this is the event to be at.”
-Martin Johnston, Interiors Direction, Hunt Office Interiors
“It’s funny, you get the guestlist for tonight, and you look down through all the names - and that’s people that you have been dealing with probably for the last 12 months, and you have them over the phone or email - but tonight you actually got the opportunity to meet with them and say hello which is perfect.”
-Cathal McGuinness, Director, SAS International

“For us at CRM Interior Fit Outs, it’s probably the best exposure we can get to the particular people who are in the room this evening. They get to see what we can do, we get to see what they can do, and also we get the opportunity to meet them in person at the event.”
-Robbie Hamilton, Managing Director, CRM Interior Fit Outs

“You can send e-mails, you can send brochures, you can refer people to your website, you can send technical information; you can do all that sort of stuff on a daily basis, but nothing ever beats sitting with somebody and talking face-to-face.”
-Damien Lynch, Managing Director, Etag Fixings

Building and Architect of the Year Awards

"You can see from tonight that all of the winners are great buildings and great designs, but they are also great pieces of architecture."
-David Petherbridge, RKD Architects

"This is a great night for everybody involved. It is great to meet people that we have known for years and new faces."
-Lisa Smyth, Reddy Architecture + Urbanism

"What is great about these awards is that there is a good cross mix. While there would be mainly architects, there would be builders here and quantity surveyors as well as engineers."
-Martin Murray, Ayrton Group

"For everybody involved in the room tonight, every architect and every client worked really hard to make every building that was presented tonight. It is wonderful to celebrate high standard and that the industry meets together and celebrate these achievements."
-Shelley McNamara, Grafton Architects

Irish Construction Industry Awards

“The kind of people that are in this audience tonight are definitely the type of people our company, The KD Group, need to be meeting.”
- Kiernan Staunton, Managing Director, KD Group
“You’re dealing with managing directors and CEOs. You won’t get all those people in the same room too often.”
- Richard O’Farrell, Managing Director, edc
“Everyone is here. Everyone we want to be with is here and it gives us a good chance to give something back to the industry that gives us so much throughout the year.”
-Eamon Reilly, Business Development Manager, Electro

“We’ve met all the types of companies and people we wanted to meet and achieve from the night. I’m very proud that we did it and pleased to be involved in the evening.”
-Nick Wild, Director, Daksta Recruitment

 “We will be very much looking at this (event) for the future. Looking at the audience tonight; we have billing contractors, architects, engineers, sub-contractors; all key people within the industry that Kingspan have a good relationship with and want to continue to in the business world”
– Jim Loughran, Kingspan

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